Compare And Contrast Medieval Torture And Modern Torture

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To the Gallows: Medieval Torture and Modern Torture
The most painful torture device was called the rack. A person would be stretched until their body parts became dislocated. Some people stretched the body so far that they completely separate from the main body (Pegg 11-12). Medieval and Modern torture are two things that are alike in physical and psychological ways, but they are different in the severity and the ways in which we use them.
The most popular kind of torture was done by hand. Animals could sometimes be used to torture people. A person would be placed alive in a bull and put over a fire. The creators of this way designed it this was so the people’s screams would sound like the bellowing of a bull. Rat torture was a very timely
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The rat’s natural instinct was to go through the flesh to get out of the box since it had nowhere else to go. This would leave a whole in the person’s body which they would eventually die. Back in the medieval times they would use the mouths of dead, dried out crocodiles. The mouth could tear parts of the bodies apart when it becomes hot. Some torture devices used human nature to kill people. Maggots and worms will arrive later and eat the rest of the body. Crows would also come if they found a body in a metal cage hanging in the open. The crows would eat the body until it was dead or until only the bones were left. To explain that, a person would have to sit down in a tub with water while milk and honey would be smothered all of their body. Flies will shortly come around the body and would start to eat them alive because of the sweetness of milk and honey (Pegg 2,8,14,16). However, we still use water today. Waterboarding is a popular technique used in interrogation. It is a 40 second intervals in which people will …show more content…
They sometimes had the public people help if the person who was being tortured was hated by most of the town. The person would be put in a tight coffin and they were abused and mocked by the people passing by (Dvorsky 12). They also had a method that become very timely. The Spanish donkey most of the time needed weights to cause suspension for the sharp V to cut the body in half. The V was made by two sharp piece of wood secured to the floor. They also used older techniques. They would hang people by using nails or rope on a wood cross which would take days for them to finally die. They also had methods which everyday people could use. They used rope because it was easy to find and had many purposes. The people used it to immobilize people so they couldn’t have self-defense. They could torture them with knives or by hanging them to walls until they got too tired or were starving. A fast way to die was a device called the Catherine wheel. Someone was tied to a wheel while someone would use a hammer to break bones while spinning it. Birds would also come to feed on the dead body (Pegg

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