Compare And Contrast Massachusetts And Virginia Colonies

The Massachusetts and Virginia Colonies had many similarities, but often times we get the question concerning which colony benefited the United States better from an historical formation. The one who “created the corporate trading and colonizing company” (Cheyney 148) or the one who seeked “purity” (Cheyney 148). You begin to compare the two colonies. Taking everything into deeper thinking. Out of the two original colonies which one had a greater impact on the world? Jamestown and Plymouth going heads up. One of the colonies gave a better outcome to the world, but which one was it? Two colonies but different ways of what their purposes were.
When comparing the two colonies on which one impacted the United States more in a historical formation,
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With discipline in the colony it helped Jamestown have some control and become a rich colony because they were growing Tabaco which helped them become the “first successful foundation of an English colony in America” (Elmer J. Obrien 150). Tobacco soon began to shape society. The puritans even helped them grow other crops which helped the British when there was a drought. The Virginia colony benefited better because it had a better social, economic, and political ideas. Massachusetts colony was only built because they were forced out the England church which mad the company an “incomplete character” (Cheyney 148), which to me not a good reason to be built. Would you agree? Jamestown on the other hand didn’t have many people in the colony, but could make a lot of money with the people they did have. When you’re trying to build something up money is more important than population because once you get money you can always come and populate a place, and also money brings people in. The Virginia Company helped the United States drastically because at the beginning when James granted two charters he gave one to Virginia & one to the Plymouth Company. The Plymouth company basically was the first to move and they established a “Short lived Colony” (Bedford/Colbourn 21), while the London Company of Virginia established “the first successful English settlement at Jamestown Virginia” …show more content…
Well the Virginia Company was far from perfect, but their imperfect contributions helped them learn from their mistakes so we could look back on them today realizing what should be done. The Virginia Company went through things, but don’t we all. At first the Virginia company gave and unsteady example for later colonies to follow until it was proclaim that George Yeardley came and declared “effective leadership” (Bedford/Colbourn 21). This type of leadership guided the colony to make way and become an example for the other colonies. Yeardley was the one to help the New World report that they would be able to live by “free lawes” Bedford/Colbourn 21). The goal of the Virginia Company was very clear. Their goal was to establish a colony that was permeant in America so they could make money. The company was set up to help people who could help them in my eyes. If you had money to buy things you could become an adventure or if you would rather travel then you had another option to become a planter. The planters better known as servants for the company had no freedom what so ever and was required to work. Basically the company offered these people to become a part of the colony along with selling and trading if they worked for them for a couple

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