Compare And Contrast Mark Twain And Edgar Allan Poe

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American literature is a large of part of our English systems in American schools. Edgar Allan Poe and American author and editor who is very well known for his despairing life and dark stories. Mark Twain an American author who is known for writing during the slavery period of America. Though both are American they had very different styles, lives, and inspiration for their stories. Mark Twain and Edgar Allan Poe are two American authors that lived at two different times in American history and both left their mark for generations to come. Edgar Allan Poe was an American author with a very weird life that was filled with tragedy and despair. Born January 19, 1809 in Boston to traveling actors. His full name Edgar Allan Poe the …show more content…
There work and writing left legacies their legacies for generations though remembered for very different styles both are still very prominent in literature in schools and English readings. They both were wrought with misfortune in their life both went through dark times with loss of loved ones or financial devastation both left this world angry and confused maybe even a little lost looking for their place in the world. Edgar Allan Poe lost his parents and then his foster mother which he deeply cared about and his foster father who left him nothing in the end then he lost his wife and was left alone and lost poor for a very large portion of his career his writings didn’t sell their best until after his unknown untimely young death. While Mark Twain didn’t lose his parents or wife he lost to children and was devastated by those loses that left him wandering eventually harboring much anger while his poor financial decisions left him low on money for a while in his life although his works sold a little better than Poe’s during his life until he died angry with where he was and I believe not truly content with what his life had been. Their writings and works Poe’s had always been darker and more mysterious while Mark Twains were about escaping slaves and other worldly problems although towards his end Twain’s turned a little dark. They both traveled a lot never really seeming like they found where they wanted to be lost until they died. Both lived wrote and

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