Compare and Contrast Library and Internet for Use in Academic Written Work

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Compare and contrast

Library is a building or house containing thousands of articles, books, magazines, journals, microfilms, maps, government documents and other resources. Every community colleges and universities have a library. There are also some libraries in some areas which are funded by government and privet findings. While we see that library is place or building, most people see the internet as something less physically usable for written work. Basically internet is a worldwide network of computers that has a huge space of data and information. An enormous variety of information, text and media are available on internet for research. Internet and library both are served for the same purpose but as the time goes by the world
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While on the other hand information in the internet are universal and same. Everywhere in the world the data and information are accessible worldwide by any computer. It helpful for a reader to research or gather knowledge.
There are also some importances of library for academic writing. Libraries are responsible of genuine and actual documents. But there are many false and absurd documents available in internet. For many reasons libraries are irreplaceable. There are many documents which are not available in internet. Authors or publishers simply don’t allow their writings to be freely accessible. It already prohibited by law to make copyrighted books fully accessible through internet. But in the library readers can get original experience of reading from the book which is really important for an academic writing.
There are many journals, articles and papers in the the articles which are not free accessible. If anyone want to get information he or she have to pay by credit card. But comparing, libraries are mostly free for everyone to read and copy those data. Library continues to preserve their vast list of documents which are really helpful for a researcher.
Resources in the library are always checked by the librarians and patrons. Always the fresh documents are available in it. But there is no catalogue or system in the internet. For an academic writing it is important to know the way the writer should go. Library helps in a organized way to assure the

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