Compare And Contrast Liberalism And Conservatism

Liberals and conservatives approach every topic or issue with completely different ways of thinking. They are both formed from different assumptions, and philosophies. Modern conservatives and modern liberals are described as center right and center left. While classical liberals with correlations to our views today would be considered far right economically but far left socially. This shift is inevitable and will always occur as society further develops. To better understand the difference between liberalism and conservatism we must define both understanding the key goals and influential factors, and evaluate liberalism and conservatism comparatively through functions of ideology.
Classical Liberalism is a political ideology that stresses
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In 1651, Thomas Hobbes wrote the Leviathan explaining that all individuals are created equal, everyone has the right to be free, and you cannot rule another person without their consent. Hobbes would reach the conclusion that for the sake of people’s security they must grant power over themselves to a sovereign ruler. John Locked was another significant figure in the revision of liberalism. In his book Second Treatise of Government he would defend society 's right to overthrow any government that was no longer legitimate. Locke explains that as population grows we need government to protect us from infringing on other 's rights. As long as the government is fulfilling this role they will remain legitimate. When government infringes on these rights they become no longer legitimate and the people have the right to create a new government. Locke inspired and provoked many revolutionaries through expression of the rights of man and citizens in the American Declaration of Independence (1776) and French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens (1789). In the Second Treatise of Government John Locke states: “To understand political power right, and …show more content…
A political ideology is “a set of personal beliefs outlining what one has determined to be the optimal mode of social organization.” A political ideology is normative: it is how things should be. This ideology proposes the world on how it should be not how it currently is. A statist ideology presupposes the existence of a government or state. This ideology explains how things should change to make government better. Classical liberalist such as John Stuart Mill explained that the government should attempt to help the welfare of its people. Mill saw the problem with government and realized the change he wanted to see. Mill explain that because government is now responsible for people, the majority of society could use government to deny liberty to the minority or those who opposing views. This is a beneficial ideology to society because it will promote welfare to help people overcome obstacles. It is human nature to naturally be evil and we must have government to maintain and regulate society, in order to prevent citizens from trumping others rights. Ideologies is a “prescription for society based on personal values.” A truly objective political ideology is almost impossible, but if it can be sensitive to the individual and best promotes their cooperation towards mutual ends. Ronald Reagan was a modern conservative who proposed many changes to how he thought

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