Compare And Contrast Joker And Batman

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Throughout every comic book, story, fairytale, etc., the characters always have a story, a reason for their paths, two characters come to mind; Joker and Batman. Both are misunderstood, walking tragedies, walking hazards. They are a “roll of caution tape,” wherever they go the caution tape and crime follows in front of or behind. Batman is a hero most days, and Joker is a villain most days.
Freud and almost everyone believe that everyone is an actor in their own dramatic life story, “pushed by desire…”(Adam Cash)
Three main players carry all of this drama out:
Id: The seat of our impulses
Ego: Negotiates with the id, pleases the superego
Superego: Keeps us on the straight and narrow” (Adam Cash).
Id embodies a desire that you cannot ignore,
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Joker’s psychology state is a crazed maniac, leaving him to fall into the ID category from Freud’s “The Psychic Appartus”. Joker’s pregnant wife was slaughtered. Bruce Wayne, or Batman, watched his parents be murdered. Losing their loved was a huge factor in them becoming a vigilante, heroic or antiheroic. Joker is not the exact definition of a vigilante, but he definitely takes the law into his hands, and in his own direction. Joker follows his impulses; ID category. Batman tries fighting off his impulses and doing the right thing; Ego category. Both, the Joker and Batman need each other, without one the other has no need to survive and keep going. For instance, in “Joker casts out Satan in Batman,” both are seen at their worst.(Nicholas Bott) They bring out the worse, and serve desperation of revenge within each other. Joker gives Batman a release, and vise versa. Without that release, Batman might become the Joker himself, or once again vise versa. If Joker didn’t have someone to annoy or nag, he wouldn’t continue these maniac ways. Batman, once again falls into the Ego category, because instead of ignoring the city’s needs, he dismisses his friends, family, and own needs. For instance, in the movie, “The Dark Knight,” Bruce Wayne (Batman) runs out on his double date with Rachael, his date - a girl he barely knows and Harvey, the city’s District …show more content…
Joker became a villain because he couldn’t deal with the loss of his pregnant wife. He wanted revenge, and got it through hurting the city. Batman wanted no one to ever feel his pain. He wanted to stop the bad guys, and make them pay. Both of their moral codes were to trust only themselves. Although that was the moral code for Batman, he trusted others when he had to. Batman puts the city above himself. With this evidence, they both fell into the Superego category. They both are at war with

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