Differences Between Hobbes And Karl Marx

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Mark Alcasid
Mr. Ochs
World History/Block C
15 December 2014
Essay 1 Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, and Karl Marx were all philosophes who all essentially wanted the same things for society and government, but had their differences on how to achieve those things. Firstly, Thomas Hobbes, was a man who noticed the natural flaws in humanity. He saw that humans naturally live in a more savage lifestyle. To Hobbes, with order, humans would inevitably destroy each other. The order that Hobbes believes should be enforced to prevent the downfall of humanity is a strong government like an absolute monarchy. The people would have to lay down their arms and seal away their brutish side and give that freedom away in return for an organized society.
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He wanted to show the importance of supply and demand and how it was important to profit. The government Smith would be most accustomed to is John Locke’s ideal government. Locke had a supply, the natural rights of the people, and a demand, the government that all of the citizens accepted. The profit that comes from that supply and demand is the striving society. Locke believed that the government should be in the favor of the people, and according the Smith, the government should stay away from business affairs, which is in the favor of the people. Both thinkers had similar beliefs in a sense that there should be more freedom to the …show more content…
All teenagers are completely ruthless no matter what you say. They are ruthless in the sense that they judge everybody they see no matter if they know the person or not. Most of us don’t say it, but that’s because we were taught not to. But there are still a majority of people who bully each other people. This is the savage brutish lifestyle that Hobbes say that humanity is born with us. I believe that this judgmental attitude in teenagers is just a phase, and that they outgrow is as they mature. But in the meantime, the strong powerful government that prevents the ruthless teenagers from destroying each other is the school. There are the school authorities that don’t even need to do anything but be there to prevent the bullies from doing anything. They know the power that the authorities have, so they don’t bully people while they are present. By attending the school, they give up their freedom to do as such and trade for an orderly society in the student

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