What Is The Difference Between John Locke And Karl Marx

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This paper will examine the purpose of the state by looking at two-political thinkers John Locke and Karl Marx. The ideas of Locke’s theories are about the “good of the government” meaning that people need a government to rule over them and enforce laws that will be followed by everyone. However, this concept was not shared by Marx as he was aware of the injustice of the government, which is to only protect the (bourgeoisie) who are the capitalist and oppress the (proletarians) who are the working class.

John Locke, wrote the state of nature in the book second Treatise on Civil Government (1680), during the British civil war. Locke was a firm believer of Christianity (Locke,1680, sec 6) and he believed all mankind are born equal regardless
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As Locke’s idea of over throwing of the government is that it needs to be replaced with the one that will meet the needs of the people example by electing a particular party that will represent them and treat them equal regardless of the capacity and potentiality, “men give up their natural power to the society which enters into and the community put the legislative power into such hands as they think fits with this trust that they shall be governed by declare laws” (Locke, §136). If not then their peace, properties and liberty will be at …show more content…
However, Marx argued that the government is there to protect the bourgeois and oppress the proletarian and power is a tool used to oppression others. Considering both theories, I agree with Locke’s idea of the purpose of the state, people need government to rule them and enforce law that everyone should follow. People need their lives, freedom and properties protected by the state, if there is no government to govern the people, the weak will be oppressed by the strong, and no action will be taken as there is no government and law to protect the people.

Marx’s communist ideology has been put in practise ln countries such as china which is still a govern by communist party. Today China dominates the world economy. However, the working-class are the majority of the population, and their working and living conditions is shocking, the working class are under pad and with little to no rights at work place as well as in state. Today China makes products which are sold world-wide and with cheap labour the western world capitalist are getting wealthy for producing cheap goods t and selling it more than the cost of labour itself. (Weil,2017). This shows that Marx’s communist ideology has failed as the working class are being oppressed even more by their appointed communist

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