Tartuffe In Pride And Prejudice

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Orgon from Tartuffe and Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
Tartuffe is a theatrical play that was initially performed during the 17th century, while Pride and Prejudice is referred to as a novel of manners that was set sometime in the early part of the 19th century. Both if these pieces of literatures were famous for the brilliance by which they were conceptualized. A notable element that sets these two from other literatures was the role of the characters in the story. This paper aims to compare and contrast Orgon from Tartufee and Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.
Both Orgon and Mr. Bennet were depicted as men who have little or no sense of concern towards their family. The lack of concern for the family was exemplified by Orgon when he arrived after a two weeks absence and finds his wife to be sick. Instead of showing concern for her, he instead asked where and how Tartuffee was. Despite being informed about the condition of his wife, he repeatedly asked about Tartufee who was obviously doing well. In another instance, he agreed that his daughter, who was already betrothed to another, will be married to Tartuffe. His utter disregard for the feelings of his daughter was clear, so that it was more important for him to have Tartuffe for a son-in-law. He expressed his desire with surety: “I purpose of your marriage, to join Tartuffe to my family” (Moliere, Act II, Scene II). On
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Bennet exemplified the personality of two individuals whose character were drastically changed due to circumstances that they perceived to be out of their control. Orgon was once an honorable man, and in his younger years has served the king in a dignified manner. On the other hand, Mr. Bennet was depicted as a rational and intelligent man, though years of marriage with an unreasonable woman changed him into a withdrawn and irresponsible father of the family. Orgon, on his part was tricked by the cunning Tartuffe, and his imprudence almost cost him his family and

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