Compare And Contrast Essay On Iphone Vs Galaxy 7

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Iphone6s vs Galaxy 7 In this ad, one will see a picture of an iPhone verses a Galaxy. Which do you believe is the best an iPhone 6s or do you believe the galaxy 7 is better? Some may wonder what could be so different between them when they are both just phones. Could it be the size, color, or even the camera solution, there are numerous differences with in the two. Most users prefer the iPhone but then there are those who prefer Samsung. In this ad the main argument is which phone is better, but someone may wonder what would be the difference between the two. When you first look at the two you wonder which is better phone for himself or herself. The size of the Galaxy 7 is 5.1 inch, which makes this device feel much heavier than a …show more content…
Each phone will have different camera qualities, which makes one greater than the other. They both have 12 megapixel cameras, but the iPhones 6s has a rear camera rather than the Galaxy which, has face detection. The Galaxy has 1.7 lens while the iPhone has five-element lens. If you have not noticed, it is clear that the iPhone has a better camera. The iPhone also has an automatic mode, which makes it easier and faster to take photos. The iPhone has an advantage in taking photos because there is live. This gives iPhone users the opportunity to take photos while one is moving around and you will be able to replay your photo. What a major difference between the iPhone 6s and the galaxy S7. Storage may matter in certain circumstances with how much people need for their phones. Samsung automatically loaded the Galaxy S7 with 32 GB of storage. The iPhone has different available GB such as 16, 64, or128 of storage space. One fact most cellular device users do not know about the Galaxy S7 is that it can turn any microSD card into available storage meaning you can shift files, photos, or even apps on to the card making it much more limited to your original storage. The Galaxy S7 has a …show more content…
Audio calling is something new that Samsung has added you can call another user who has the same phone as you and you can actually see them just as an iPhone user can do. Galaxy vs the iPhone is a distinguished battle where one may not know which phone may work best for them or may even be best for them. Samsung has impacted the Galaxy S7 with a 3000 battery which, supports fast battery charging. The battery life in the S7 is even barely enough to get yourself through the day without still having to charge your phone at the end of the day. The S7 has a unified design, which the design of this phone does not allow you to get the battery out the back of the phone. The iPhone 6s has a talk time up to fourteen hours while using 3G and up to ten days on standby. Apple has a low power battery mode, which is efficient when your phone is almost dead because it will save a majority of your battery percentage that he or she will have left. Apple has incorporated the touch id into the iPhone where all someone has to do is rest their registered finger on to the home button, which gives him or her access to get into their phones. Samsung did not give the S7 this opportunity but one gave it to the Galaxy

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