Comparison And Contrast Essay: The Battle Of Beowulf

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Have you ever thought why Beowulf goes on these adventurous quests? Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, is a brave, energetic, and thoughtful person. During the time, I read the text and watched the movie there are numerous comparisons throughout both sources. The battles Beowulf goes to conquer Grendel, Grendel's Mother, and the Dragon are the most powerful, disturbing scenes you will ever imagine in your mind. Enjoy, the comparisons and contrast in this paper, starting with Beowulf’s first battle to his last.
Beowulf and his warriors came all the way across the sea to battle this monster that has been disturbing Hrothgar and his people for many years. When he got there he learned the monster’s name, Grendel, a monster that nobody has not defeated.
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When he got close to the monster, he gripped Grendel’s arm with all his strength. Grendel, master of evil, never felt so much strength in a grip from man, he wanted to get away. The monster tried so hard to get out Beowulf’s grip, until the hero ripped his arm, shoulder to the end of his fingers. Grendel screamed horror, running away from the brave hero Beowulf started to follow him while he was getting away, just to see where he was heading which was to his lair in the water.
In the movie there are some many contrasts during the battle with Beowulf and Grendel. When Grendel arrive, he busted in and started destroying the mead hall. In the text, it said that Grendel had devoured one of Beowulf’s men but in the movie Grendel only ate the dudes head and threw the body towards a different direction he was going. Next, is when Beowulf had gripped Grendel with all his strength and screaming with horror, false, Grendel gripped Beowulf and he was the one screaming in horror. With Beowulf screaming in horror, Grendel let Beowulf
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At this point, he lost sword inside the dragon, this means he had to grab his heart with his bare hands. He burned his hand during the situation but he got the heart and the dragon went down and so did Beowulf. When Beowulf and the dragon hit rock bottom, he noticed something about the dragon. The dragon was gold, beautiful, at that moment he knew he had just killed his son.
To put this battles together you see all the different contrastment through both sources. Grendel’s battle was not that different from the movie only real difference was when he fought the dragon naked in the movie. Grendel’s mother battle was totally different because in the movie they did not even fought but they did something obviously. The dragon battle was also different because the dragon was Beowulf’s son, they did not fight at the dragon's cave, and the dragon was focused to kill Beowulf's wife and his “girlfriend.” All together the text and movie was messed up but was very

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