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Two Methods of Weight Loss
For many people, weight loss is a challenge. This writer continues to struggle to lose weight, but recently lost 35 pounds from healthy eating and exercising. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight requires a lifestyle change of healthy eating and exercise, and for those with medical problems they may need to turn to other another method for assistance, like my friend Sarah who chose gastric bypass surgery. Healthy eating and exercise and gastric bypass surgery have similarities and differences but both will help in the success of weight loss. Lifestyle changes, healthy eating with portion control, exercise, and medical guidelines are some of the similarities and difference that aide in these two methods of
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The same scenario goes for exercising; a person can grow up hating it, but once they start exercising they grow to love it. Once a person decides to start exercising, it takes around 21 days to form a habit, thus altering their lifestyle to incorporate this habit into their daily routine.
Healthy eating with portion control is needed in both gastric bypass surgery, and healthy eating and exercise. Effective and obvious weight loss will occur when a gastric bypass patient follows a specified eating regimen which includes healthy eating with portion control. A gastric bypass patient should eat 55 to 65 grams of protein per day; at least one half of each meal should consist of protein. They should also eat 4 to 6 small meals a day, and drink liquids between their meals, but exclude carbonated drinks or beverages that contain too much sugar or artificial sweetener ("Lifestyle Changes When Considering Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery", n.d.). My friend, Sarah, received gastric bypass surgery and limits her soda intake and eats 6 small meals a day; her starting weight was 279 pounds at 5’2, she now weighs 110 pounds. When eating healthy and exercising, a person must consider the amount of healthy food they are consuming as it is of no benefit to them if they are consuming 3,000 calories

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