Argumentative Essay On Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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“Woof” Versus “Meow”
“Bark” or “Purr”, dog or cat, which is better? I personally prefer dogs because they trust easily, are easier to train, love to play, and will have a stronger bond with you. The world can be divided up into “dog people” and “cat people”. Each passionately believing that their preferred pet is superior, but which one is better a forming a relationship with you (“Scientist Prove Dogs Are Better Than Cats”)? A dog forms a relationship with you better than a cat and that relationship will be more interactive and more fun. A dog could also make a personal connection with you on a level that a cat never could. Dogs are way better pets than cats because they form better bonds, trust easier, and are easier to train. Dogs are easier to train for many reasons. One reason for this is that dogs respond well to treats. So
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It can take up to at least a month to get a cat to trust you or to just not run away from you. The fact that they have super senses makes it harder for them to adapt to change than dogs. This is because they have to get use to the new smells, sound, and sights around them, which can be overwhelming for them and cause to act out (Admin). Also, their super senses make them scare easily. Cats are not like dogs at all when it comes to bonding. You know how cats love their independence, but they in some cases they may open up to you and begin to have friendship with you. Sadly, in most cases, cats are loners’, they do not like attention or they just want to be free to do whatever they wish (“Scientist Prove Dogs Are Better Than Cats”). As pets, dogs are way better than cats are. Dogs will bond with you in a way that most cats never could. You can train them way better than a cat. Dogs are also way better at adapting to change than cats are. A relationship with your dog could end up being your new best friend and be like your child. Just go spend some time with a dog and see for

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