Compare And Contrast Essay On Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

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Many people believe that cats are inferior to dogs, and I completely agree. Of course, there are cat people, and I don't hate cat people. I personally believe, however, that dogs have much more to offer than cats do. Dogs are better than cats for many reasons, including the general friendliness. They will always try to make you happy no matter the breed. Additionally, cats may be smarter, but that doesn't mean you don't have to clean up their excrements in litter boxes. Haven’t you ever walked into someone's house and been greeted by a big dog hopping on you like it's a puppy or a small dog barking in frivolous excitement. They are so happy to see you they can't control themselves. Cats, on the other hand, may not even notice your arrival. Some people enjoy having a loyal cat to greet them, but most aren't that way. Science says this is because dogs recognize our smell, and their brain recognizes you as a part of their pack. Even if they don't recognize you, they want to be able to. This positivity has been said to help aid in the healing of mental illnesses such as depression. It is nearly impossible to stay upset when there is something that needs your attention, in a positive and healthy manner.
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Cats don't really need attention, just food and water put out, and to clean their litter box. On one hand, I'm going to defend that gods are higher maintenance because they aren't that much more work in reality. You don't even need to clean up dog feces if you take them to a place when you don't need to, and cleaning up feces is arguably the worst part of having a pet. The thing is, why would you have a pet that isn't really a pet? Yes, cats can be beautiful, but so are dogs and dogs are interactive. A big part of having a pet is taking care of it, being responsible for it, and spending time with

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