Compare And Contrast Essay On The Call Of The Wild

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When you go through challenging events in your life you must learn how to persevere and gain strength in order to get through it. In The Call Of The Wild Buck will go through different events that are tragic, awful and, life changing. But, These events differ in many ways from the events my stepmom had to go through during her childhood that changed her life greatly. Buck and my stepmother are different in many ways and the events they went through are opposites, but they both went through challenging events in life that they had to persevere to overcome just like everyone at some point in life will do. Everyone experiences something they won’t want to but, they will learn from these events in order to change it and overcome the challenges.

In The Call Of The Wild, Buck goes through events he has never gone through before and must learn from them to persevere and overcome the challenges he is going through. Buck goes through things that he never thought would happen such as, when Buck is kidnapped and sent to Canada where he learns to adapt to the cold weather and new owners. He lived in warm California with nice owners until he is kidnapped and taken away from all of it. Then, Once he
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In The Call Of The Wild Buck is kidnapped and sent to a new place, which can compare to my stepmoms childhood when she was sent to live with a new family. Buck and my stepmother but had to adapt to the new environments they were put into and both persevered to get through it. They both also had a loved one they cared very much about pass away. Buck loved and respected John Thornton very much and would do anything for them, but then he found him dead. My stepmom’s mother died and while she was very close to her, she loved her lots and was very upset when she passed away. Buck and my stepmother both went through events in life that they didn't want to go through but it helped them persevere in the

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