Compare And Contrast Essay On High School Vs College

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High School Vs. College

When a high school student thinks about college, they think there are only minor changes. High school, it is just following the rules, but in college it is choosing responsibility. If contemplating the major differences there are far more changes than meets the eye. It is the next step in life, not a step up the stairs. Some of the main things to regard when making a decision, is money, time management, and how the responsibilities will be much more challenging. As a result of not having to pay for the classes in high school, a student may feel school is nothing more than passing or failing a class. But while going to college, it is very likely to spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on those countless hours of lectures and homework, so there is more of a fire inside to do more than just pass the class. About 70% of the class of 2013 is approaching $30,000 in loan debt. When going to
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In high school it is expected to read short assignments that are then discussed, and often re-taught, in class. Crossing back over into the college life, assignments are substantial amounts of reading and writing which may not be directly addressed in class. A person is in charge of themselves and it is not possible to depend on other people to succeed in college. As a person starts to decipher whether or not they will be going to college it is important to contemplate these significant aspects of the decision. High school is nothing more than just following the rules, but in college it is choosing responsibility. Contemplating to go to college is a huge part in anyone’s future.The amount of money spent to the drastic change in homework may be some of the deciding factors for you. Attending college could either be paving a road for a person to a successful future or sending them down a level b road to get suck in the

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