Compare And Contrast Essay On Fossil Fuels

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Renewable energy vs Fossil fuels
The earth has been around for a copious amount of years. Everyday people affect the earth in both a positive and negative way. The most common way of producing energy is by the use fossil fuels. The use of fossil fuels can have a major impact on the earth’s environment. For instance, oil spills, global warming, etc. While some difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy are evident, the similarities are sometimes overlooked.
Many of the devices people use in their everyday life can harm the environment. A highly knowledgeable article states, “Passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks are the main sources of this pollution, which includes ozone, particulate matter, and other smog-forming emissions”
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People still use fossil fuels because they believe it is more convenient. This is true due to the many facts that can back this up. For example, there are copious amounts of gas stations than electrical power stations so it would be more convenient to drive a gas-powered car when going long distances because of the unlikely hood of a charging station within the limits of a car. However, there are some negative aspects to fossil fuels. Such as the fact that is can cost more than an electric car due to the constant filling of gas to the car. Conveniently, electric cars can save money because there is no need to fill gas. Electric cars provide a less expensive and more efficient means of transportation. In addition, electric cars tend to be more quite when driving because there is no engine. Come side effects to electric cars are that they cannot be driven over a long periods. Furthermore, they take many hours to fully charge. Despite the differences between renewable energy and fossil fuels are apparent, the similarities are unnoticed. Even though renewable energy is highly spoken, they still contain many faults. The faults that Renewable energy gives off gives a better look to fossil fuels. However, the same fact applies to when fossil fuel’s faults are evident then they make renewable energy sound

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