Compare And Contrast Electronic Health Record

Compare and contrast electronic health record and paper record The major purpose of the health record management is to have a documented process of gathering, analyzing and creating the secured paper for all the patients that include all the aspects of their health concerns (Silverman, 2004). There are two types of the heath record management. The records are electronic heath record and paper record. There are some similarities and differences between electronic health records and paper health records. The similarities between paper record and electronic records would include that of the patient file development, centralized health management and retrieval process, as well as file updating (Wolper, 2004). Both are used for maintaining the …show more content…
They needed skills to listen to the complaints of the patients and evaluate the medical significance as well as type notes all at the same time will need a level of the focus, typing skills and familiarity with the application, which is not found in most of the computer users. Technical support from the staff can facilitate the electronic health record system, but there is lack of the staff support in the health care organizations (Wolper, 2004). This can create the conflict in the health care organization.
Another problem to the adoption of the electronic health records was the lack of the adequate electronic data exchange between EMR and other data systems. It can affect the information management in the health care. The changes in the medical care can affect the record keeping. If the changes will be made then the there will not be any privacy of the health care records of the patients (Carter, 2008). If the people will adopt this unwillingly, then there may be so many problems.
Cost benefit
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The AnyTown Hospital has adopted the electronic health records, whereas the other organization is not using the electronic health record system. There are some pros and cons for each facility on the basis of their decision to implement the electronic health records and its impact on the revenues. For the AnyTown Hospital, there will be more privacy of the medical information of the patients but the other organization will not have the more security of the health care records of the patients (Wolper, 2004). In other hospital, all the nurses and employees will be able to access the paper health records, whereas in the AnyTown hospital, the organization needs to implement new technology and provide the training to the employees about the new technology (Silverman, 2004). It will affect the revenue of the organization, because installation of the new technology will be costly for the organization. With the use of electronic health records, there are not chances of the errors in the AnyTown Hospital, but in the other organization, there may be some

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