Compare And Contrast Egypt And China

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Through the years we have heard this statement repeat itself time and time again, yet as often as you change your point of view so shall this statement. The china - Zhou Dynasty and Egypt have many similarities and differences including political structures, economic systems, and religious traditions. As I proceed in getting my many points across you will see how it is that these two completely different civilizations are so different and yet so much alike. The first traces of China- Zhou Dynasty were found in 1126 BC, while the first traces of Egypt were found in 3100 so then these two numbers make these two civilizations more than 2000 years separation in age. The first mention of China- The Zhou Dynasty was in 1126 BC this was over …show more content…
He owned everything. Dynasties broken up into 3 time frames. Three Kingdoms: 1. Old Kingdom 2. Middle Kingdom 3. New Kingdom. In china 1. A king or emperor ruled the country. 2. Aristocrats ran the provinces. 3. Dynasties · Shang · Zhou · Qin · Han. In Egypt they created the 1. Pyramids 2. Sphinx 3. Temples. In China they believed in many gods and worshipped and honored them all. Polytheism (Many gods) Re – Sun god Osiris ‐ Afterlife Zhou dynasty created the 1. Pyramids 2. Sphinx 3. Temples. In Egypt they practice different beliefs and they also worship them and honor them like in the China Zhou dynasty. Similarities and differences can be found in both civilizations all you have to do is know what you are looking for and you will (most of the time) find it. Even though these civilizations are so unique in structure and many other areas they have many similarities that still haven’t even been discovered yet. We are still always searching for new discoveries and we will continue to document them as we go along in our age and time so that one day the civilization that rises after ours will know about civilizations way before their

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