Compare And Contrast Eastern And Western Parenting Styles

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Eastern and Western parents differ greatly in parenting styles. Eastern parents believe their children should not make any grade other than an A, whereas Western parents congratulate a B. Eastern children are shamed when they do something wrong, and Western children are reassured with praise. While Eastern children’s activities are chosen by their parents, Western children are free to do whatever interests them. However, no matter how different the parenting styles are, all parents are just trying to give their children love and set them up to achieve happiness and prosperity. Eastern parents are typically viewed as tremendously harsh when it comes to raising their children. They push them to do their absolute best and succeed in everything …show more content…
Adams reports that Su Yeong Kim, a professor at the University of Texas, conducted a study to find which parenting style, if any, is the most effective. In Kim’s study, she found that tiger parents are “warm and they monitor their kids closely”, but also demonstrate “hostility toward bad behavior, at times punishing their children with no explanation, and using shame as a way to mold behavior” (Adams 324). Kim found that supportive parents, which is the typical parenting style in Western families, are also warm and they monitor their children, but they do not shame and discipline without reason or explanation. The study concluded that supportive parents have children who “did well academically while not feeling oppressed by the pressure” (Adams 324). They also had closer relationships with their families. On the other hand, children of tiger parents were found to not do as well academically and socially as children of supportive parents did. In addition, they had more emotional problems and were not as close to their

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