Compare And Contrast Christianity And Buddhism Essay

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Two of the world’s major religions are Buddhism and Christianity. Both religions are quite similar because both religions believe that life continues in some form after death. Both religions believe there is a life of peace after you die. However, one major difference would be that Buddhism is centered upon the life teachings of Gautama Buddha, whereas Christianity is centered on the life teachings of Jesus Christ. Both religions also has different beliefs of god. Buddhists’ beliefs do not believe in a Creator God, while Christianity believes in one god to be the father, the son, and the holy spirit. These are some differences and similarities between Buddhism and Christianity. Although Buddhism and Christianity are two completely different religions, they both share common beliefs. Both religions believe that there will be a life before the one you currently life. Buddhism bases this belief on the idea of reincarnation and the birth of a better or worse life, depending on your karma. For the Christian religion, they believe that the life you have now is your only life and after you die, your beliefs or actions are evaluated in what is called the Final Judgement. There, an eternal life waits and each person can either go to Heaven or to Hell. Even though both religions believe in the after life, they still believe different ideas. Buddhism is …show more content…
Both religions believe in similar beliefs such as the belief in the after life and the belief of the power of prayer. Both religions are also very different because both religions do not believe in the same God. Christians believe in the higher deity of God, or the Holy Trinity, and Buddhists do not believe in a higher deity. Buddhists worshiped Buddha, but didn’t considered him as a God. Even though both religions are one of the world’s major and oldest religions, both share common similarities and major

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