Cosimo De Medici's Influence On The Renaissance

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4. Florence was considered to be the focus of what came to be the Renaissance. The political realm of Florence was dictated by the Medici family. This family controlled the city in secret, for nearly eight decades. The family saw the city of Florence as their work of art One member of this family was Cosimo de’ Medici. Cosimo embraced the very essence of what humanism is. Humanism embraces the arts and literature from cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. Cosimo made sure that he was constantly around humanists. He sought their advice as to what books and art that he should get from the cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. Then, he would go find the books and art and bring it back to Florence (Sayre 473).
Cosimo paid to complete and decorate the church of San Lorenzo, a church that his father had started to rebuild. He also rebuilt the monastery of San Marco. Not only was humanism a part of Cosimo’s artistic and
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In Venice, a style of architecture similar to the Gothic style would grow. The Doge’s Palace was influenced by the Gothic style, in terms of texture and use of darkness and light. The citizens saw the use of parts of the Gothic style as a form a cultural stability. Much of the wealth and architecture of Venice was displayed along the Grand Canal (Sayre 514).
Unlike other painting styles of Italy, the Venetian style of painting placed a high emphasis the detailed aspects of everyday life. This style was able to give great detail, by using oil painting as a medium. Venetian painters Giorgione and Titian painted with great success, through their use of patterns, texture, and detail (Sayre 517). Rome and Venice had so much artistic talent was concentrated in the same general area. The High Renaissance greatly affected both cities in its association with a strong tie to humanism, reverence for classical tradition, and the imperativeness of harmony and

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