Compare And Contrast Baseball And Cricket Essay

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Americas favorite game and past time has always been considered the game of baseball. Across the ocean and around the world the game of cricket is played in various different countries and it serves to them as baseball serves to us. Most people just look at the big picture of these two games and just assume that baseball and cricket are the same. Reasons of believing these would be cricket and baseball both are two well-known sports that involve a bat and a ball. However, when you dig deeper into the sports, you will be surprised at how different these two “bat and ball” games really are. Baseball is believed to have originated in the 1860’s, around the Civil War and was referred to as “rounders”, a game that was played on sandlots. Cricket was being played years before that however, the official international test of the game was conducted in 1877. The origins of this game lead back to England and then took course into other nations to become a internationally played sport. Cricket and baseball are both very popular world wide but cricket seems to have more …show more content…
With that being said a cricket player should be able to play baseball well and vice versa. The hand eye coordination is the same in both sports, so the physical aspect of the two is very similar except maybe how far the ball travels. Even though the main similarity between cricket and baseball is the basic principle of using a “bat and ball”, It comes to find out that they are actually different also. In cricket the ball is a harder and heavier and the players don’t wear a glove or anything to help protect their hands from the ball. Also in cricket the bats are wide and flat resembling a paddle and are wooden. Baseball has a smaller ball that is not as hard a cricket ball and is hit with a round narrow bat that is wooden in major league baseball and in college and high school the bat is

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