Compare And Contrast Bartleby The Scrivener

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“Bartleby the Scrivener” takes place in a law office on Wall Street, New York City. The narrator of the story is an old man who is in search for assistance in his office so he hires a Scrivener. In “Bartleby” the movie the manager of a public records office puts an ad in the newspaper looking for someone to file papers. Bartleby's Character in both the movie and story remains the same. As soon as he walks into a room the whole attitude changes from happy to gloomy and kind of depressing. He is quiet and antisocial and never says much at all. In both the story and movie Bartleby's job as a Copyist/Filer he does well. In both He gets asked to verify a paper and he replies with “I would prefer not to.” Which confuses his bosses and gets another one of his co-workers to do it. He is always in the offices just staring at a wall or the ceiling fan/air vent. They never see him leave or enter the office. Eventually he starts to refuse to do any work even what he was originally hired to do. After they fire him he refuses to leave the office and just stands there all day. In both the story and movie his bosses move their offices to …show more content…
Who are very similar. You can not really decide whether you like or hate him. He is very average and seems like he is very content with his basic lifestyle. You never really learn much at all about him besides from his work. You never hear about family or friends outside of the office. Even though he fires Bartleby he simply kept asking him to leave instead of calling the cops on him. I would say he was very trust worthy. He had some terrible employees but still did not fire them which made me think that he maybe had a confrontation problem. He wanted Bartleby to quit rather than to fire him and in the story Turkey was drunk half the day but was never disciplined. The Narrators do keep checking on Bartleby even after they fire him and try to get him back on his feet but fail to do

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