Compare And Contrast Australia And Modernism

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1. Modernism: Comparison Europe/Australia

Europe was the frontier for Modernism in the art world, with the movement emerging mid nineteenth century from artists like 19th century painter Gustave Courbet . Modernism began during the Industrial Revolution, a period of rapid change in technology which profoundly affected social, economic and cultural life in Europe.

Impressionism was most prominent around this time. Impressionism in Europe often depicted the beautiful architecture and used plain air, observing outdoor life and capturing the atmosphere of the time they were painting.
Impressionism was introduced to Australia by many artists including Nora Simpsons, an artist arriving from Europe to Sydney. In 1913, she bought copies of French
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POSTMODERNISM: comparison America- Australia

Post modernism emerged as a reaction to the comfort in conformity in the late 1980’s and to reject traditional values. In a time of changing technology, America embraced the movement and produced seminal artists like Andy Warhol and Jenny Holzer. Duchamp’s urinal introduced a new STYLE of artistic creation: the readymade. Works like this started to break down the separation between low and high art.
Australia drew inspiration from America’s rich postmodern art world and started to embrace the movement. The second World War brought immigrants to Australia, who started to redefine what it meant to be Australian. Emerging for a previously racist society, and Indigenous Australians gaining the right to vote, Aboriginal post modern art become very influential, with artists like Gordon Bennet.
Photograph artists like Anne Zahalka reimagined Charles Meere 's, 1940 work ‘Australia beach pattern,’ into a post modern piece replacing his god like subjects with a Greek family. Around the time of post modernism, Australia was becoming more multi cultural, bringing different styles of art and interweaving European and Asian influences, but still relying on an unmistakeable Australian
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He bridged the gap between Western style art and Aboriginal art. Namatjira travelled around Australia with white artist Rex Battarbee, showing him his country in exchange for learning how to paint. Namatjira was one of the first Indigenous Australian to gain citizenship in 1957 and he helped to start to dissolve negative views towards Aboriginal people. Namatjira is considered to be a large contributor to Aborginal people gaining the right for citizenship ten years later.

“He [Namatjira] was definitely the beginning of a recognition of Aboriginal people by white Australia.” Charles Perkins, 20th century Aboriginal Activist

Namatjira’s Impressionist works captured the bold colours of the landscape he was raised in, many of his works depicting the Finke River that runs through his tribal land. His watercolour landscapes were European looking, but he always painted with ‘country in mind.’The repetition and detailed patterns he used in his works blended Aboriginal and European styles of

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