Compare And Contrast Aristotle And Rene Descartes

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There have been many philosophers in life which they show people ways of teaching and ideas in life. For some people Philosophers are very important in which it can change their life and the ways they think.For other people it 's not so important to be honest they really don 't give the time to study and figure out how they think and how different they are from other.Philosophy is a class that makes you think to understand the meanings of the lectures or if you don 't catch up with the study is of the philosopher you will not have clarification.
Rene Descartes was a well known philosopher of his times but also his family was wealthy his family was well known. Rene Descartes had his own family not like other that had parted from their families.
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Know in days Rene descartes is more known for being a famous french mathematician and a philosophy figure and then there is aristotle which is mostly known for being the tutor of alexander the great and being able to help him seek knowledge. Both of these philosopher and a great technique of learning when they are given a response to something or are learning something new they question it and if they want to go more into detail the look for answer not just between people by the test out the theory. One of the most quotes that are heard today is “I think therefor I am”.I think that what it really means is that if you do not think about something or just simple think you are not trying to understand the meaning of life. Rene descartes was a rationalist he thought that many people did not use their resources like there eyesight to focus on the logic of one 's mind the goal of rene descartes was to make people mind more egypt. Method of doubt was another of his techniques which was that he took one problem into smaller pieces to figure it out. descartes spent lots of time traveling around the world to compare his thinkings to the things that happened to him and compare them to his

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