Compare And Contrast A Sorrowful Woman And A Secret Sorrow

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Compare and Contrast

The two stories A Secret Sorrow by Karen Van der Zee and A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin can be seen to have contrasting qualities. Primarily, A Secret Sorrow conveys a cliché love story of a woman, Faye; who can’t have kids and is scared of being a disappointment to her soon to be husband, Kai. However, they work out their issues, adopt kids, and live happily ever, “in the low white ranch house under the blue skies of Texas…” (Zee 37). Second, A Sorrowful Woman is about a woman who finds it difficult to serve her purpose as a mother/wife to her husband and son. She becomes mentally ill; she shuts her family out, and little by little her sanity deteriorates. Between the two stories, A Sorrowful Woman is the more
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Looking at A Secret Sorrow, this romantic story presents love as the solution for infinite happiness. For example, when Faye and Kai are sorting their problems and finally making up, the narrator states, “Her senses reeled. She could never love anyone like she loved him…. This was real, this was forever” (Zee 36). This type of dialog is what makes the read inadequate, and of lesser effectiveness; due to the over usage of a cliché romance as the central theme, throughout literature. On the other hand, the theme of A Sorrowful Woman has an opposing meaning, and is of a greater impact in terms of the central message being given. The message being that love does not simply conquer all, and fix one’s problems; it can destroy. For example in the beginning of the story the narrator states “One winter evening she looked at them: the husband durable, receptive, gentle; the child a tender golder three. The sight of them made her so sad and sick she did not want to see them ever again” (Godwin 38). The protagonist starts by naming admirable characteristics that pertain to her son and husband; yet she can’t stand to glance their way without feelings of misery. In this case, the mother in the story shows that love does not make her feel content …show more content…
A Sorrowful Woman proves to be of greater importance due to the meaningful impact that stays with readers; that love doesn 't conquer all, and the fact that not all women are happy living the designated woman lifestyle. This can be seen and understood by thoroughly looking at the theme, plot, and characterization of both stories. Don’t settle for a dull, overused story; pick up a read that challenges stereotypes and conveys a greater message of

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