Comparative Research On International Management Essay

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BUMGT6958 Comparative Issues in International Management AAPolySem 3 2015

Individual news article analysis:

Vikas Negi
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In this modernization, poverty becomes a big issue in these days. Many of the countries are suffering from poverty. In our society there are poor children without any clothes living in heaps of waste and lots of children die due to hungriness in light of the fact that they don 't have the any source of money to get eatable things or anything that could help them to live better life without starving or with a house that could keep them from suffering outside their home in winter. More than 20 percent of the world’s lives in the matter of poverty. It is a major issue in the entire world, in light of the fact that a large number of individuals die every year because of this huge issue. I will tell the following matters that is what poverty is, its reason, impacts, what individuals could do to stop it. Poverty is an issue that should be address by everyone on the planet because if nobody tries to do something about it will continue getting disaster when the times go. Poverty means the state of not having the way to manage the cost of essential human needs, for example, clean water, food, clothes, place to live. Poverty is a dangerous issue that is killing our population slowly. it has been around for a long…

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