Comparative Religion Essay examples

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Comparative Religion:
Religion is a common set of belief held by different individuals available within a society. Religion concerns itself with purpose, cause, and nature considered for the creation of a superhuman agency fitted with several moral codes. The codes provide guidance on how humans should conduct themselves throughout their life time. Religious beliefs are known to fall into a pattern of 8 different elements such as the belief system, community, central myths, rituals, an ethical system, experiences of the emotions, expressing religion in a material manner, and the ability of being sacred (Jacobs, 2005).
Religious Beliefs Patterns:
As a Christian, my religious beliefs fall into the already identified pattern to a certain
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The ethical system element is provided with more emphasis and weight. We are required to follow the Ten Commandments as a form of enhancing peace as we live with others in our community. 'Emotional experiences' element is not provided with much more weight in our religion however, a sense of togetherness is enhanced during the church services. The element of material expression within our religion holds much weight as the followers are expected to offer tithes in the form offerings. The offerings provided are a way of showing gratitude to God for what he has done for us.
Finally, considering the sacredness element, our religion considers the church itself to be a sacred and a holy place where the followers should display a higher amount of respect when visiting. This is done through dressing properly and conducting oneself respectfully while in the institution.
Falun Gong Movement:
Several new religions have emerged in the world today which may either pay much attention on the 8 elements of religion or less. Falun Gong is an example of an emerging religion which provides a combination of religious beliefs and physical exercises. Considering the movement's belief system, Falun Gong believes that there is a connection between the human mind-body and the universe and at the same time, they also believe in Karma. In addition to this, they

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