Comparative Politics Is Concentrated On State Institutions Essay examples

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The study of comparative politics is concentrated on state institutions, their interactions on an internal level, and externally, with neighboring states and the rest of the world. The key elements of a state institution, its legitimacy, autonomy, capacity and degree of centralization, are carefully studied in order to classify the state as either weak or strong. These elements are first and foremost internal, as they define the state’s ability to hold power over a specific geographic region and the people residing there. Globalization challenges the study of states in comparative politics, as it continues to expand the hypothetical mind of a state institution and the powers which comprise it, letting its behavior to be affected by international forces, which weaken autonomy and capacity, and most importantly, a state’s sovereignty. As state institutions continue losing their defined identities in this era of globalization, comparative politics becomes a challenge. Globalization has essentially created the idea of open world borders. Despite the actual borders which continue to exist, the internet has allowed all people in the world to be connected through a technological network. This network connects people in a variety of ways - by allowing the flow of news and information to be readily available, which creates skepticism and questions authority, and by creating a world market where participation is open for almost anyone. The flow of news and information, while seen as…

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