Comparative of the Great Gatsby, Casablanca and Translations Essay

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The texts which I have studied in my comparative course are “The Great Gatsby” (G.G.) written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. “Casablanca” (C.B.) directed by Micheal Curtiz and “Translations” (T.) written by Brian Friel. The cultural context of all three texts impacts on how and why the people behave the way they do. In this essay I will examine the elements which I thought had the most significant impact on the characters which contributed to their behaviour throughout the narratives.
The first aspect I will examine is the setting of all texts – how it impacts on the way in which the main characters act and the consequences it has on their behaviour.
G.G. is set in the “Roaring Twenties” in America. Fitzgerald set G.G. in an altered version
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The British army arrives in Baile Beag to conduct a survey of the area in order to make a new map and the soldiers are required to anglicise the place names as they go along. The changing of the ancient place names will have a ruinous destructive effect on the culture of the area. The new English names are both meaningless and empty.
Another aspect which I feel is a central factor in all three texts is the role of both men and women and how each sex act towards each other. The three narratives reflect similar values in relation to males being the dominating sex and often in a negative context. They are commonly the bread winners and superior to women.
In GG, Tom Buchannan is very negatively portrayed. He is powerful and aggressive. We see Tom’s belligerent personality when he is physically abusive to Myrtle by breaking her nose with his open hand. Myrtle and Tom are both married to other people, but have an affair together. Tom is self absorbed and selfish, he does not give his wife Daisy a second thought when being unfaithful. This theme of negatively portraying men is also prominent in CB, Rick is selfish “I don’t stick my neck out for anyone”.
In CB, Rick is shown not to respect Yvonne. He sends her on her way with a bar man who works for him because he thinks she is “too drunk”, Ugarte responds to this action, “you cannot throw women around like that, some day they may be scarce”.

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