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Comparative Essay
A comparative essay is an essay that discusses the similarities and differences between two or more items. Usually, the items being compared by the essay are related. For example, they may be authors of different novels or characters of different plays or politicians or civil rights activists or countries. unrelated items are never discussed in comparative essays. For example, it is impossible to compare a country and a character in a play. Therefore, when faced with the task of comparing two related items, one should establish one’s basis for comparing the two items. For example, the basis for comparing two characters of different plays can be the characters’ attitude towards love. It is important to note that the basis for comparing items in comparative essays usually form the thesis statement for these essays. Additionally, the basis for comparison can be single or numerous. For example, the characters’ physique, leadership styles, cultures, and fighting styles can all form the basis of comparing two characters. Comparative essay writers should always develop a list of similarities and differences of items being compared based on their established basis for comparison. This helps guide and ease the process of writing the comparative essay. Below is an example of a well-written comparative essay. It compares two characters, Attila the Hun character and the Khal Drogo character.
Legends are told of great men who once walked this earth; conquered…

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