Comparative Analysis Poetry Paper

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Comparative Analysis Poetry Paper My view of the poem Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez is absolutely entertaining. Balthazar is a carpenter who takes pride in building a bird cage for a young boy. The time and effort put into making this bird cage has great morality results for Balthazar. Being the most beautiful bird cage people in the village has ever seen, Balthazar’s pride and extravagant praise boosts up and he is full of confidence. Ready for delivery and payment Balthazar takes it over to the boys house and finds out the parents do not approve or such request made by their young son. Deeply devastated by the refusal of the boys parents Balthazar
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The behaviors of Balthazar were that of a devoted person on a mission to complete a request to build a bird cage for a client. Two weeks he spent without sleeping well or shaving his beard, and had little time for himself while working on this project. His goal was to complete a request, turn it in and get paid. On the other hand Balthazar’s wife was greedy. She really wanted him to boost the price up and even went as far as to tell the Doctor who insisted to buy the cage that he received 60 pesos for it. This was a lie since there was no exchange of product for money taken at the time. The tone in this poem delights us with humor. However, towards the end of the poem it gets a bit sad once he experiences the denial of the young boy’s parents. But he lifts his spirit up by giving the boy the cage as a gift despite the money he would have received if he took it back to his shop and sells it. He was proud of this work and no one was about to take that away from him! The title Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon explains the chain of events that happened on that “marvelous afternoon.” In this case Balthazar’s afternoon started off with him finishing a project that was admired by the entire village. Then he takes a nap, showers, shaves and gets ready to look presentable to turn in the bird cage which he devoted two weeks of his time. Next he is approached by a Doctor who wants to pursue him in selling the cage to him and does not budge. When

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