Comparative Analysis Of Individual Counseling Theories Essay

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Comparative Analysis of Individual Counseling Theories
Misty Mitchell
CNDV 5311 Individual Counseling Theories and Techniques
Lamar University Comparative Analysis of Individual Counseling Theories

The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast the three major theories that have been studied in this course. The three theories are Adlerian, Cognitive Behavioral, and Solution Focused Brief Therapy. In this paper the key concepts, therapeutic process, and application of these three theories will be addressed.
Adlerian Theory
Key Concepts The Adlerian Theory falls under background of the BETA model. The emphasis is on understanding and working through unresolved problems and issues in the client’s past. Counselors who function from a background focus believe that unless treatment facilitates healing of past wounds and relieves developmental blocks, people will continue to repeat dysfunctional patterns. Treatment then focuses on healing those wounds. The theory’s founder, Alfred Adler emphasized a positive view of human nature and that we are in control of our own fate. Adlerian Theory takes the holistic approach and focuses on the whole human, on a psychosocial level. This referred to as individual psychology. Adlerian Theory focuses on the client’s whole environment. The theory also states humans are social by nature and that one’s personality is created early in life. Adlerian emphasizes that each individual is…

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