Essay about Company 's New Target Market Sales Force Structure

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After maintaining significant growth and establishing a strong reputation, it is necessary to expand the business in order to continue its success. Whilst the company was starting out, simply selling cabinet hardware to large contractors, an effective sales force structure would be territorial sales. This way the sales focus on a specific line of products to many different contractors, which can be in numerous locations. This sales force assigns each salesperson to an exclusive territory in which the salesperson sells the full range of the company’s products. However, now that the company is expanding and changing, it seems that there may be a more appropriate sales force. The new, most appropriate structure is customer/market sales force structure.
The company has chosen to cease selling their cabinet hardware to large contractors, and rather sell the products to end customers, through retailers like Home Depot. Working with the customer sales force structure would be greatly beneficial to the company’s new target market. In customer sales force, the customers are of emphasized importance. It is already apparent that the company has established a great reputation with its previous market, so it is strongly within reach for the new market. The workers will be given different groups of customers and large clients to personally adhere to the needs of these customers. This is an effective way to build and maintain strong relationships with new customers. Moreover, having a…

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