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Name of the Adopted Company :
United Spirits Limited

The business the company is into:
United Spirits Limited is the largest spirits company in the world by volume. United Spirits Limited (USL) is involved in the production, distribution and sale of alcohol beverages across different regions in India. It is also involved in the exports of alcohol beverages to over 37 countries thus enjoying a global footprint as well.
Besides Whyte & Mackay and Bouvet Ladubay being 100% subsidiaries of USL, the company has 22 millionaire brands (selling more than a million cases a year) in its portfolio and enjoys a strong 59% market share for its first line brands in India.
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The company had 5 millionaire brands (a brand selling a million cases) in its portfolio by 1998 .By 2005, it had acquired Shaw Wallace & Company, for long its traditional competitor in the market place.
The year 2006 saw the creation of United Spirits Limited, the flagship of UB group through the mergerof McDowell & Co Limited, Herbertsons Limited, Triumph Distillers and Vintners Private Limited, Baramati Grape Industries India Limited, Shaw Wallace Distilleries Limited and four other companies.
The company sold 114 million cases and created history by becoming the market leader in the world beverage market by volume.

Vision, Mission and Core values of the adopted company :
Innovation is the norm at USL, and every effort is made to create unique lifestyle experiences for consumers. The company`s new vision is to touch 200 million cases in near future.

To be the most admired global leader in the spirits industry by creating unique high-quality brands for consumers, driven by highly motivated employees and supported by best-in-class processes and continued innovations. United Spirits is and will continue to be responsible towards its stakeholders and the society.
CORE VALUES: * Innovation * Responsibility * Quality

Your team comments on the same:
The company is driven by innovation and is regarded to be an innovator in the industry and has

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