Company Profile Of A Regional Airline Essay

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As a regional airline, the company has been offering service to different cities and towns. In order to remain effective in operation and maintain a competitive position in this turbulent industry, there were different significant decisions and steps that have been made to set up the company.

1. The first step was to create a name and background information for the company, such as the contact details of the company’s head offices. As the company has different shareholders, it is effective to include the shareholders’ identity and work experience in order to build trust and commitment from workers, employees and suppliers. To ensure a successful beginning, it is important to determine the company short and long term objectives, and company structure such as partnerships, wholly owned company or joint ventures.
2. For the second step, the company has to consider and make the fare decisions that fit the company’s short and long term objectives, including fare structure (discount, normal or luxury) and set a price of cents per seat mile, as well as level of cabin food/service that is suitable for the target customer. The fare prices must align with the firm’s overall objective, as a low cost airline like Golden Star Airlines, low fare price could help to increase demand from customer. The company also has created different fare sales for different flights, including regular fare, one month sale, two month sale and three month sale.
3. The marketing always plays an…

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