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Dear colleague,

Welcome to Eye Foundation Hospital Group We are thrilled that you have decided to join the eye foundation healthcare team. For what I hope will be an exciting and rewarding career.
We pride ourselves on being a Healthcare organization that offers, its patients, employees and customers alike effective service delivery and excellent patient care from the rest of our competitors. Making that difference to our patients, and customers is where you come in; because it is thanks to you that our patients will receive a service which is better than the rest.
Eye Foundation Hospital is a world class eye specialist hospital with eye centers in major
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Please tell us how you think we can do better. It is sincerely hoped that this Employee Handbook will indeed assist you to know and understand Eye Foundation Hospital better, to join hands to create a more conducive and harmonious working environment where all will be fulfilled.

Congratulations and welcome, once again.

Kunle Hassan Group Chief Medical Officer


“To eliminate avoidable blindness through the provision of an equitable, qualitative quantitative and affordable eye care to all.”


“To be a regional leader committed to promoting excellent in eye care delivery, research and training as well as establishing ourselves as the premier specialist eye hospital in Africa providing state of the art ophthalmic care.”


As a new employee of Eye Foundation Hospital Group, there is a lot for you to learn and for us to explain. To make things clear and transparent we have provided this Employee Handbook, which contains key facts covering a range of policies and practices.

The Handbook is a legal part of your employment terms along with your contract of employment and must be kept safely by you and referred to whenever needed. There will be requirement from time to time for us to issue updates and / or amendments, which will be distributed to you and must be kept safely as an integral part of the Handbook.

The Handbook has been produced to help you understand key practice information and

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