Company Overview Of Johnson And Johnson Essay

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Company Overview
After 130 years, Johnson and Johnson, a holding company with subsidiaries involved in research and development, manufacturing and sales of various products featuring everything from products for surgical needs, personal grooming products to pharmaceutical drugs. Johnson and Johnson has a driving focus on human health products and overall well-being. The subsidiaries of the company are located in 120 separate manufacturing facilities throughout: the United States, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 250 companies operate under the umbrella of Johnson and Johnson. The company is led by CEO Alex Gorsky and is headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ. In its 22nd year of appearing on the Fortune 500 list, Johnson and Johnson is ranked 39th. In 2015, the organization employed 127,100 employees worldwide. Johnson and Johnson is ranked #15 by the World’s Most Admired Companies and #118 on the Global 500 (, 2016).The Johnson and Johnson conglomerate has three product segments: consumer, pharmaceutical and medical devices (, 2016).
Consumer Product Lines
Johnson and Johnson’s consumer product division sells products for: baby care, oral care, skin care, over the counter pharmaceuticals, wound care and women’s health. This division has a Global Standard Industrial Standard of 30-3030. The Johnson’s name alone is well known in the baby care…

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