Company Mission : Vision And Strategy Essay

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2-Company Mission, Vision and Strategy

Our Mission “Looking after our customers providing a comprehensive health service with highest quality as well as our respects for the professionalism of our staff.’’

Company Vision
Provide health services, to more people each year, to maintain the best quality, technology and sustainability, with humanity and ethic.

Our strategy is funded on a program growth to serve the patient with respect and care. One of the main stones is our team and a leadership focused in think big to make a healthy community.
This 12 month plan will be divided in stages and each stage in phases.

3-Key Strategic HR Issues

Vision & Mission in all our staff
It is focused in to be sustainable.
The resources in all over the world are becoming scarce, and the human resources in health are not the exemption. Aging population, high prices to care patients, diseases being chronic and multi-morbidities, are examples of the future challenge that health services will face. The innovation and continues reforms are common subjects in the health field.
In addition as innovative issue is the sustainability. The efficiency of primary health are becoming evident against the hospital based care. Swiss medical Group is aiming to evolute in this health branch, providing human resources according to the primary health, reducing our patient ratio internship into the private hospital and providing health teams to educate threat and prevent illnesses into the…

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