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A condition of an existing company’s memorandum of association is to be regarded as a provision of the company’s articles.

associated company (有聯繫公司) , in relation to a body corporate, means— (a) a subsidiary of the body corporate; (b) a holding company of the body corporate; or (c) a subsidiary of such a holding company; body corporate (法人團體) — (a) includes— (i) a company; and (ii) a company incorporated outside Hong Kong; but (b) excludes a corporation sole; certified public accountant (practising) (執業會計師) has the meaning given by section 2(1) of the Professional Accountants Ordinance (Cap 50); commencement date (生效日期) , in relation to any provision of this Ordinance, means the date on which that provision comes into operation; Companies Register (公司登記冊) means the records kept under section 27; company (公司) means— (a) a company formed and registered under this Ordinance; or (b) an existing company; company secretary (公司秘書) includes any person occupying the position of company secretary (by whatever name called); contributory (分擔人), in relation to a company, means a person liable to contribute to the assets of the
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