Essay on Company Description Of Defender Inc.

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COMPANY DESCRIPTION Defender Inc. was founded in 2014 on the basis of providing products and services to mobile phone users that go above and beyond expectations. Defender Inc. is still a young organization but it has been growing rapidly with its exceptional customer service and through its continually adapting product lines. The world of electronics is constantly changing and requires an organization that can be proactive in its services. After launching initial social media campaigns, Defender Inc. has quickly gained popularity and recognition. Defender Inc. carries several styles of phone cases, transportable chargers, selfie sticks, decorative covers, and mobile phone repair services. The newest addition to the Defender Inc. product line is a combination of already popular products that will soon attract the attention of social media users everywhere. The Defender Stick is a three-fold blend of a selfie stick, a durable phone case, and a transportable charger that can be taken anywhere and everywhere by everyone. Defender Inc. looks to continue its growth and productivity by introducing new and adaptive technology, such as the Defender Stick, that will continue to meet the needs of consumers everywhere.
In 2015, Defender Inc. teamed up with Apple Inc. in order to further its reach into the social media market and to gain knowledge and concerns from a leader in technological products and services. In addition, Defender Inc. has teams specifically designed for observing…

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