Company Background Of Axil Textile Company Essay example

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Axil Textile Company Background
Axil Textile Company is an international organization that is involved in the textile production and exporting in different international markets. It is located in at the Texas United States where the main branch is found and having other branches in European countries and Africa. The Axil Textile Company has five branches in different countries targeting Europe and Africa and looking forward to having more branches. Currently, it has over 120 employees. According to the financial department, the annual returns for the year ended on June 2015 was $144 million exclusive of taxes deductions. Therefore, the Axil Textile Company has indicated positive growth in the recent years hence targeting more entry into the international market in future.
According to the management, the company requires a strategic plan that would enable it to become competitive in international market. The textile industry has shown competitiveness from other companies from Europe and Africa. The need of restructuring in the company is essential in ensuring all the branches are being well equipped with the appropriate strategic plan that would enhance competitive advantage (Zilka & Bischoff, 2010). Furthermore, it is important to ensure all the managers and employees embrace the positive working relationship that would unite the entire company, especially in the international market. Therefore, the top management seeks to restructure some of the policies and strategic…

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