Company Analysis : Tyson Food Essay

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Service Quality As stated previously, Tyson Food is implementing several concepts to regain a positive company image and work to understand what customers want and need. Service quality is another concept in which Tyson Food will work to achieve its goals. The exchange process, interactions between customers and company, and the product that is being delivered all factor into service quality (Rashid, Rani, Yusuf, & Shaari, 2015). Service quality is the customer perceived quality of all interaction with a company (Meredith & Shafer, 2016).
Tyson Food will implement the concept of service quality in conjunction with listening to the voice of the customer and understand customer value. Voice of the customer implementation will allow the company to realize where they are lacking to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction. Through surveys and feedback, the company can make better the areas that customers feel lack good service quality. If customers feel that the service quality has been an area the company has payed attention to and worked on they will find a higher rate of satisfaction (Wu, Huang, & Chou, 2014). The implementation of service quality will be a result and group effort of the implementation of customer value and understanding the voice of the customer.
The benefit of implementing a higher service quality is that customers will be happier and more satisfied with the company and its products and services. A high service quality leads…

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