Company Analysis and Pronosis of Goldman Sachs Essay

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Company Analysis and Prognosis: Goldman Sachs

Nic Wilson
MGMT 498
John Pepper
1 November 2012

Table of Contents
Organizational Definition-3
Company Organization and Structure-3
Institutional Client Services-3
Investment Management-4
Investment Banking-4
Investing and Lending-4
Revenue, Expense, and Net Income-5
Return on Assets and Equity-7
Position in the Industry-8
Stock Market Performance-9
VRIO Analysis-9
SWOT Analysis-10
Corporate Level Strategy-12
Business Level Strategy-12

Nic Wilson
MGMT 498
John Pepper
1 November 2012
Company Analysis and Prognosis: Goldman Sachs
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Asset management and private wealth management are the two subdivisions within this segment. Within asset management they provide investment management services and offer investment products—primarily through separately managed accounts (GS). Private wealth management is a service primarily targeted at high-net-worth individuals and families (GS).
Investment Banking
The investment banking segment services include advisory on mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate defense activities, risk management, restructurings, IPO underwriting, and derivative transactions related to these activities (GS). Their primary goal is to be the leading trusted advisor and financier (GS). Goldman Sachs uses a global structure that is split into two segments, IBD Classic and our Financing group (GS). This enables them to provide the best service to a wider range of clientele (GS).
Investing and Lending
Investing and lending has been more volatile than the other segments, seeing a drastic increase in 2010 and then a sharp decrease in 2011 (GS). Goldman Sachs invests in and originates loans (GS). Of the two the latter is typically longer in duration (GS). Some of these activities include: debt securities, loans, public and private equity securities, real estate, consolidated investment entities and power generation facilities (GS).
Revenue, Expense, and Net Income
Over the last 10 years Goldman Sachs revenue sharply increased up until the recession from

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