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Annie Mueller
Craig v. Boren

Craig v. Boren is a very unique and exciting case to learn about. In Oklahoma at one point, the drinking age for women was 18 and for men was 21. Of course some men were not to happy about this so one man decided to take a stand. Craig, the Plaintiff, sued David Boren, defendant and the Governor of Oklahoma (Oyez 1). He was governor at the time and he is now the President of the University of Oklahoma. The differences for the drinking age between age for men and women were for the consumption of beer at a 3.2% alcohol level (Oyez 1). Craig claimed this violated Equal Protection clause from the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution (Casebriefs 1). The issue was does the Oklahoma statute
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If you can vote, die for your country, smoke tobacco, buy lottery tickets, and live on your own at eighteen, then you deserve a drink at eighteen. People drink at younger ages in European countries and are being much more responsible than us.
The police spend so much money and time preventing underage drinking and parties and they should be spending that time and money doing something efficient like catching criminals or stopping people from drinking and driving. When police force teenagers to leave a party they have been drinking at, that is really stupid because they are going to drive and then what? Get a DUI or kill himself or herself or someone else?
Eighteen year olds need to be given more independence and freedom and most eighteen year olds live under their parent’s roof so they cannot really do much or say much without getting in trouble. In Texas, if a person is eighteen the person is allowed to drink at dinner if they are accompanied with their parent(s). Sometimes Texas does not suck. That is smart on Texas’ smart and that should honestly be allowed in every state, I do not see why it is not. Some parents are strict and some parents are not. This case did not overturn the previous Supreme Court decision. I wish they did but maybe the will sometime they will in the near future for the whole country.

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