Comp 129 Final Exam Guide Essay

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COMP 129 Final Exam Guide
Purchase Here: COMP 129 Final Exam Guide 1.(TCO 1) The HAL and executive services are elements of the __________. application software shell kernel device drivers
2. (TCO 1) Information on installed hardware, software, system configuration, and current running programs can be accessed using ________. command prompt (cmd.exe) control panel system information utility (msinfo32.exe)
3. (TCO 2) The ____ is a measure of resistance to electricity
amp volt watt
4. (TCO 2) A system might have up to ____ types of ribbon cables two three four five
5. (TCO 2) When should a soft boot be used on your computer?
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master boot record (MBR) partition record sector record hard disk sector
13. (TCO 4) What is the minimum amount of RAM required for a Windows 7 installation?
512 megabyte 32-bit and 1 gigabytes 64-bit
1 gigabyte 32-bit and 1 gigabytes 64-bit
1 gigabyte 32-bit and 2 gigabytes 64-bit*
2 gigabyte 32-bit and 3 gigabytes 64-bit
14. (TCO 4) What is the minimum processor speed required for a Windows 7 installation?
833 MHz
1 GHz
2 GHz
3 GHz
15. (TCO 7) Normally, the name of the access point (called the ____) is broadcast so that anyone with a wireless computer can see the name and use the network firmware Netgear
16. (TCO 7) This command allows you to find a NIC Card’s IP Address msconfig netcnfg netcfg32 ipconfig
17. (TCO 7) For dynamic IP addressing, if the PC cannot reach the ____ server, then it assigns itself an IP address.
18. (TCO 6) A _____ is a USB device replacing floppies as a means of transporting data from one computer to another
ZIP disk
19. (TCO 6) The connector on a video card that has fifteen connectors in three rows is used for _____. black and white monitors
SVGA monitors
LCD projectors
Any of the above
20. (TCO 6) Some storage devices use memory chips to store data instead of spinning disks. Examples include which of the following
Hard Drives, Jump Drives, and CD Drives
Jump Drives, CD Drives, and Flash Memory Cards
CD Drives, Flash Memory Cards, and Floppy

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