Community Setting For Family Health Nurses Essay

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Community Setting for Family Health Nurses
The family health nurse who works with the public assumes various roles within the community. The different areas that the nurse are responsible for overseeing are home visits, community nursing facilities, public health departments, education and access to resources. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2015), circumstances such as the lack of funding, the shortage of skilled personals and time constraints are obstacles to community health nursing. Due to increase health service demands and the decrease in monetary resources, the community nurse must work around these barriers. Despite the many challenges, the family health nurse working within the community setting has an obligation to serve the public by work with limited resource to achieve the best outcome.
Nurse Home Visiting Programs
Nurse home visiting programs gives nurses a way to assess the patient’s home environment for a more complete plan of care. Programs such as nurse home visits to postpartum mothers give nurses a glimpse on the safety and security of the current home environment. This offers protection to both the mother and infant by recognizing patients’ need and addressing them accordingly. Resources such as education on home and child safety can provided at the time of the visit. In addition, the home visiting program is an excellent way to focus resources toward the underprivileged and underserved communities in the area. This…

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