Community Service Should Be Implemented For High School Seniors

1197 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
Community Service is a rewarding opportunity for anyone to be involved in the community. Seniors in high school should participate in community service. Community services is not a job, but a way of getting involved in the community and helping out at local businesses, non-profit organizations, etc. Community service is not limited to a specific area, so any student can go volunteer according to what suits them best. Community service need to be implemented for high school seniors. Seniors should understand that community service is a useful tool. Learning how to talk and engage with people is fundamental and important. Furthermore, as a highschool senior, maintaining the best grade point average is not going to be enough to get into a college or university. Good grades are not the only aspect of college admission officers’ are looking for. Mandatory community service hours are beneficial for seniors in high school in terms of college applications, gaining new experiences and insights, gaining new skills, and building career options in order for them to graduate. Some people would argue that senior’s in highschool should not do community service since they have a lot of tasks to do anyway: taking finals, college applications, and fulfilling graduation requirements. According to an unknown individual, on the webiste, the question was stated, “Should community service be required to graduate high school? This unknown individual said, “Students won 't have…

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