Essay on Community Service Policies On Ethnic Diversity

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The community committee’s primary goal is to create an interaction between the students, community, and the teachers to create a stronger school. The first policy that was presented and passed was the community service policy. Community service benefits not only the community but also the students by giving them a sense of responsibility. As a future educator, I feel that this policy is extremely beneficial to our students in making them not only good scholarly students but also good people. Community service would allow the students to become more involved with community around them and would allow them to interact with different environments that they normally would not. The next policy that was the multiculturalism fair, which ties in with the learning environments policy on ethnic diversity. This policy focused on teaching students more about different cultures and celebrating them, rather than pretending that they are not there. As I said before allowing students to learn more about different cultures and become more familiar with them at an earlier age will allow them to become more acceptable, while they are young. The third policy focused on the students with special needs and exceptionalities and how we need to make sure that these students interact with the students outside of the students who have special needs and exceptionalities. This policy is something that is extremely close to me and I feel like it was a good idea to make sure that these were incorporated…

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